Additional Information

1. What do I get if I sign up for an edcheckup license?
  • You get all of the CBM materials available on our site. That includes Oral Reading, Maze Reading, Beginning Reading, and Writing. As other materials become available and posted on the site, you will be able to download those as well. Materials are in Adobe pdf format. You download them from the site and print them on your local printer.

    For the Oral Reading and Maze Reading materials, there are 6 grade levels. At each level and in each format, there are 3 screening passages and 20 monitoring passages for weekly measurement of growth in reading aloud from text or from Maze passages.

    For Beginning Reading there are two formats: Letter Sounds and Isolated Words. For each of these there are 3 screening passages and 20 monitoring passages.

    Writing consists of four formats: Sentence Copying, Sentence Dictation, Paragraph Dictation, and Written Expression. There are 23 probes (or story starters for Written Expression) for each format - 3 for screening and 20 for monitoring.

  • You get the edcheckup data entry system that lets you enter student scores from any Internet connected computer, at home or at school.

  • You get the ability to generate student and class reports based on the data you have entered. Edcheckup will automatically calculate median scores and percentiles and plot student scores against benchmarks for their grade level. These color-coded reports will identify those students who need additional intervention to reach their goals. You may print these reports to share with parents or others at the school.

  • You get quality materials that are backed by 15 years of research, results, and experience. All this for less than $3 a student.

2. For what grade levels may I use edcheckup?
  • Edcheckup is aimed at students from kindergarten to grade 8. However, students in upper grades may also benefit from the materials depending on their level of achievement. The reading materials are grouped by Set. Each Set is equivalent to a grade level. There are Grade level passages (Levels 1 to 6) for creating normative peer comparisons.
3. How do I know what kind of license to purchase?
  • That depends on your situation and what kind of reports you want to have available. All licenses are for a set “school year” and expire in August of 2005. After that time, you may renew for an additional year.

  • If you are an individual teacher who wants to use the site for your classes, sign up for a Teacher license. You will be charged $100 for up to 35 students, $200 for up to 70 students, etc.

    You will have access to the following reports: Class reports showing screening data for any of your classes and individual reports for each of your students.

  • If there are several teachers at a school who will be using the site, then sign up for a School license. You will be charged $100 per increment of 35 students up to 350 students. After that number, there is a price break.

    Each teacher will have access to the individual teacher reports described above. The school administrator will also have access to a report that shows how each teacher is doing. This report allows student data to be broken out by several demographic characteristics such as gender, home language, poverty status, and special education services.

  • If teachers at several different schools will be using the site, then your best choice is a District license. The charge is based on the number of students who will be assessed using edcheckup.

    Again, each teacher will have access to the teacher reports. The district administrator will also be able to see how each school in the district is doing with the student data broken out by demographic characteristics.
4. How do I purchase an edcheckup license?
  • Click on the Purchase link.

  • Select your license type.

  • Fill in the number of students you will be assessing (there is a minimum charge of $100 for up to 35 students).

  • Register your name and contact information.

  • Review and approve the licensing agreement.

  • Provide your billing information or pay with a credit card.

  • Make sure that your email address is correct. Your username and password will be sent to that email address.

  • That’s it! Once you have your username and password, you can begin to use edcheckup!
5. I still have questions. Who can I contact?
  • Feel free to contact us by sending an email to or leave a message on our phone line at 612-454-0074. We will be happy to answer your questions.